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Guides in Setting up Your Bitcoin Miners after Buying. Setting up an excavator for an amateur can be befuddling, and that is the reason we are here to help. We trust digital currency digging can be simple for everybody:

You can likewise reach us with your request number ( Order Number or Invoice ) to plan a gathering with our professional. free 1 year free upkeep for every one of our customers.


The majority of Asic Miners require 220V (200V ~ 240V) electrical plug to run. Accordingly sort out some way to get 220V force.

Recruit an electrical expert to arrangement double wire 240V outlet. (NO CONVERTER!!!)

With 200V ~ 240V power outlet setup, now you can start setting up your miners:

2.Cryptocurrency Wallet Setup:

Arrangement your digital currency wallet ( with Coinbase ). You can undoubtedly get and sell the digital currency you get from mining. Guides in Setting up Your Bitcoin Miners after Buying

3. Connect Your Miner to a Mining Pool ( with Nicehash & Coinbase ):

4. Helpful Tools for Finding Miner IP Address.

 5. Need more help?

Do not Hesitate to visit our contact page to book a consultancy with our technician in case of more help. Clients, Customers and Investors only. Guides in Buying Best Bitcoin Miners Online